Zilliqa Coin – What is this?

– Zilliqa Coin – or ZIL for short – is designed to solve one of the biggest problems blockchains have ever faced: scalability. Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum groan among the millions of transactions every day. Zilliqa is creating a platform for this problem that will relieve the blockchains of the burden of transactions with a new technology: Sharding.

Zilliqa Coin – Is this crypto currency good for the Bitcoin trader?

Blockchains have an inherent problem, most of them cannot scale infinitely. At Bitcoin, for example, transaction fees are becoming more and more expensive, as seen on onlinebetrug miners are hardly able to keep up with the creation of new blocks. As a result, the blockchains cannot grow indefinitely and cannot cope with the onslaught of daily transactions.

Zilliqa’s solution is called “Sharding”. The nodes of a network are of central importance here. The protocol divides the nodes of a blockchain into groups of 600 nodes each. Each group forms its own shard. These shards allow transactions to be processed in parallel. In contrast to other blockchains, the speed of Zilliqa theoretically increases as the network grows.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, the opposite is true: as the size increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to verify new transactions. Zilliqa’s test network consisted of 3600 nodes, divided into 6 shards. This test net achieved a total transaction rate of 2,488 transactions per second. By comparison, Ethereum currently only manages 15 transactions per second. On the test net, users were already allowed to use the Zilliqa Wallet and carry out transactions.

As the size increases, the Bitcoin revolution becomes increasingly difficult to verify new transactions

The nodes are the ones that verify the transactions on the onlinebetrug review, not the miners. The applied consensus algorithm is called Ethash and was already used in the Ethereum 1.0 blockchain. Zilliqa coin mining is nevertheless possible. Expensive mining rigs are not absolutely necessary, the coin can also be mined with normal hardware. Zilliqa Coin serves as a reward for the miners and is used to pay transaction fees. Currently, the token is still based on the Ethereum blockchain. When the network goes online, the crypto currency will also move. Apart from that, Zilliqa is also introducing a new programming language for Smart Contracts, which will be better and more innovative than Ethereum’s.

At the private Zilliqa Coin ICO at the end of December 2017, Team Ether was able to earn up to 12 million US dollars. Thereafter, Ethereum’s crypto currency price will rise, bringing its profit to 20 million dollars. In January 2018 the public sale took place. In total, the maximum number of ZIL Coins should amount to 12,600,000,000.

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How can I buy crypto currency or tokens from an ICO?

The general conditions for an ICO depend strongly on the operator of the project. But often you need Bitcoin or Ethereum as starting capital. Both crypto currencies should be located in a hardware or software wallet. In the same way the purchased coins need a wallet on which they can be stored. In some cases a payment via PayPal is also possible. Usually the developer of the project gives information to which address the coins should be sent or whether certain portals should be used for this.

There is a difference between Ethereum code and crypto currencies to consider

A crypto currency, or coin, is a digital currency that can also act as a means of payment. Often the functions of the onlinebetrug Review go beyond those of a means of payment and are linked to special targets of the blockchain. Behind a crypto currency is always its own infrastructure of blockchains, nodes and miners.

Many of the tokens in circulation are based on ethereum. Without the Ethereum blockchain they could not exist, because they do not have their own infrastructure. The functions of a token are also limited. Some of them offer advantages or services on their platform. Other tokens were only created for the token sale, in order to finally finance the project with their sale. There are even tokens that perform a similar function to a share and give the owner voting rights in the project.
Both terms are often used synonymously, but you should pay close attention to whether you buy a crypto currency or a token. Ultimately, they fulfill different functions.

How do I analyze or evaluate an ICO on https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/?

One of the most important aspects of an ICO is www.onlinebetrug/en. The important thing is not to blindly buy the latest coins, but to first deal with what the white paper says, what the coin is like, what the crypto currency’s goals are and what problems it wants to solve. Is the project promising? Is there a need for what the project delivers? Success and failure can depend on it.
The team should be examined more closely. What experience do the individual team members have? Do they have profiles on social media and LinkedIn? What was the team’s previous work like? Are there any dubious machinations on the part of the project leaders? A big plus is when members of the team have already worked on crypto currencies.

Take a look at the team’s marketing and social media presence. How many followers does the project have on Twitter, how many members are in its subreddit? Behind many successful blockchain projects is a loyal fanbase and a strong community. Support from large companies in the tech or finance sector is also a good indication of the success of the company.

The roadmap is also important. You should take a close look at whether the team is able to achieve the goals set for the project planning. This gives you an idea of whether the goals are realistic and whether the team is able to achieve the goals it has set itself. If you don’t have a roadmap, you’d better get your hands off it.

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Bitcoin Short Squeeze – 230 million liquidated

The recent increase in bitcoin has prompted many to ask what the reason was? Some analysts quoted institutional money, while others pointed out that it was positive technical data and a short push.

BitMEX’s CEO Addresses Short Squeeze Theory

According to the Bitcoin Code

According to Business Insider, Bitcoin’s recent move from $6,800 to $7,400 has triggered a debate over whether it was the result of a short push, technical indicators or positive fundamental news. Mati Greenspan, an analyst from eToro*, commented on the result is Bitcoin Code the increase in a telephone conversation:

“The assumption is that this is a combination of a kind of short squeeze and new money…. Liquidity in this (crypto currency) market is always somewhat thin. It does not have the same processes and automatisms as most traditional systems. “Sure, there’d be shorts to be liquidated.”

Analysts from the London-based block exchange start-up contacted us via e-mail:

“While we have seen several stop runs in recent months aimed at the liquidation of long positions, these rapid price movements seem to be driven by the cascading reactions caused by the closing of short orders, i.e. those who bet against the market have been forced to close their positions.

Arthur Hayes, CEO of Bitmex*, the Bitcoin trading exchange, recently visited CNBC to talk about the short squeeze theory with which he is well acquainted as his platform for crypto short selling is notorious.

A short squeeze is a term in the financial markets that defines a situation https://www.the-orb.net/bitcoin-code/ in which an investment property rises sharply and forces short sellers to minimise their losses, which leads to a kind of snowball effect and further increases the price.

Short positions on Bitmex in the amount of 230 million dollars liquidated
After the twenty- to thirty-minute rise Bitcoin experienced on Tuesday morning, the CEO explained that the BitMEX stock market liquidated $230 million worth of short positions.

While this may be an indication to some that this is a short pressure, Hayes made it clear that his exchange functions as a futures market, meaning that there is always a long position corresponding to a short position. This statement indicates that there should not be too great an imbalance between the two species, which slightly discredits the short squeeze theory.

As Barry Silbert and Tom Lee noted in previous fast money shows, it is likely that the increase had more to do with a combination of positive technical data and strong fundamental news.

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin will re-test $5,000 before reaching $50,000
Despite the new confidence in the market, Hayes believes that this reversal will not last long, as Bitcoin has not yet “seen the worst”.

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FINMA – Guideline for ICOs

On Friday 16 February, the Swiss Financial Market Authority FINMA announced that it was the first institution to set out clear guidelines for dealing with ICOs. What ICOs are you can find here. The regulator plans financial market legislation for various ICOs and where ICO companies obtain information from FINMA as soon as they plan or publish their ICO.

The guidelines for dealing with ICOs, here as a downloadable PDF, show market participants what information is required to meet the requirements of the Swiss institution. Above all, transparency plays a decisive role. According to FINMA, it is important to create transparency in this dynamic market, which enjoys high demand. FINMA also felt obliged to set up regulations as the number of “fraudulent” ICOs has risen. There are a large number of planned but not implemented ICOs. This of course justifies the concern that the Swiss financial market supervisory authority FINMA lacks transparency.

Bitcoin Code is a new ICO

Due to the variety of ICO types it is almost impossible to generalize them. The respective circumstances must be taken into account in each individual case. As there are still no regulatory requirements, legal doctrines or jurisdictions, FINMA is focusing https://www.scamcontrol.net/bitcoin-code-review/ on the functionality and transferability of the tokens.

Three different types are classified:

Show EntriesSearch:
Token – Type Definition
Payment token Is designated as a pure crypto currency, without being provided with further functionalities or Bitcoin Code projects.
Usage – Token Are tokens that provide access to a service or a digital benefit.
Investment – Token Functions like a share. Share in a company or project by granting the right to a dividend or interest payment.

The announcement ends with an indication to investors that ICOs represent a high risk for investors. It is emphasized once again that the price volatility of ICOs is extreme and one is uncertain about the realization of some ICO projects.


But Mark Branson (Director of FINMA) also mentions the opportunities offered by blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin Profit advantages and disadvantages

Basically, the ZCL Coin offers a lot that the Zcash also offers. But although the crypto currency is fairer in mining, the original coin still has a much higher market capitalization and that despite only a few days lead. On the other hand, buying Zclassic Coin is much cheaper and at the same time the price has jumped significantly in relation to previous market values in recent months. Despite the competition, the ZCL Coin forecast is not bad and an investment could be worthwhile. Although the crypto currency is cheaper, it is still much more expensive than most other old coins.

Use bitcoin profit

Bitcoin Private, a fork from Bitcoin and Z/classic, could turn out to be questionable for the forecast. This new coin will retain some advantages of Z classic. The developer Rhett Creighton has already announced to concentrate on the new Bitcoin Private after the fork and to stop his work on Z/classic. How this will affect the price of the ZCL Coin remains to be seen.

A Bitcoin Profit Coin Course

At the beginning, the Zclassic crypto currency was still trading above 4 Euro per coin, but in the course of November 2016 the price fell continuously. From December 2016 to February 2017 the Zclassic price remained below 1 Euro per coin. But it is very difficult to use Bitcoin Profit in March the share price was back above 1 Euro, in April to 4 Euro. In May, the share price picked up speed and briefly rose to over 9 euros per ZCL coin. The price then fell and remained around EUR 1 to 2 per coin for several months, with higher or lower values for a short period.

In December 2017, the crypto currency rose enormously. The price suddenly skyrocketed vertically, so that the coin was already quoted at almost 100 euros. One reason for this could have been the announcement that the ZCL coins can be exchanged for Bitcoin Private Coins after the fork has taken place. And the 1:1, you just have to hold the coins in the Zclassic Wallet. The effect of this announcement was immediately noticeable. In the new year, however, it did not remain at just under 100 euros, the price continued to pick up speed and reached an all-time high of 190 euros per coin in January 2018. After that, the price lost value, but remained above 100 euros for a long time, which continued even in February.

What does this tell us about a Zclassic Coin forecast? Is this enormous price increase only to exchange the coin for Bitcoin Private? Is it too late to buy Zclassic Coin? At the moment, the fork of Bitcoin Private was postponed once again, which led to a brief decrease in the price. It is very difficult to say how the crypto currency will look in the long term.

Why i use Bitcoin Profit

The Electrum and Eleos Wallets are offered as Zclassic Wallets on the official website. Electrum is the standard Bitcoin Profit review wallet that can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. Eleos does not require installation and is a standalone wallet, but is not available for every operating system.

Where can I buy the Zclassic Coin?
The number of available exchanges where you can buy the Zclassic Coin is not particularly large. These would be Bittrex, Cryptopia or Coin Exchange. The purchase with Fiat currencies is not yet possible, the ZCL coins must be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Conclusion Zclassic Coin
A few new advantages, but an uncertain future due to the new fork. Nevertheless, the Zclassic Coin is one of the most secure crypto currencies on the market and fairer than the Zcash. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Do you want to learn more about crypto currencies and the latest ICOs, Airdrops & the most profitable top coins? Then CLICK HERE and visit our CryptoWealthCenter.

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ZClassic Coin – A branch of Bitcoin Profit

These include remarkable security and anonymity. Whether the new crypto currency can outperform the promising Zcash project is perhaps shown by the forecast.

Bitcoin Profit – What is this crypto currency?

The Bitcoin Profit crypto currency, also called ZCL, is a “hard fork” from Zcash. Fork means “fork”. The blockchain of the ZCL Coin originated from a fork in the blockchain of Zcash, where most of the code of the blockchain is retained and reused. With its original currency, the Z/classic Coin shares some effective technologies designed to guarantee security and privacy in transactions. This is ensured by the Zerocoin protocol, which was originally intended to be implemented in Bitcoin. This protocol allows two types of transactions, the public and private transaction. Both transactions are stored and saved on the blockchain. The private transaction, however, makes it possible to encrypt the address of the sender and recipient’s Zclassic Wallet to such an extent that the transaction can no longer be traced. With the zk-SNARK-Proof, however, the transaction arrives without problems. Zk-SNARK-Proof stands for “proof of zero perception”.

The development was due to the mining. With the Zcash, 20% of the cost of mining new coins is paid to the developers. This is not uncommon, but many saw this high mining tax as unfair. Mining means that Zcash users provide their machines and their performance to create new blocks of the blockchain. The profits from mining are a reward. This tax does not apply to the crypto currency. The upper limit of the ZCL coins will be 21 million, which will be created over time.

Another part of the development where the developers want to do better than at Zcash can be found in the “Trusted Setup Meeting”. This method protects the entire blockchain in case one of the developers’ keys gets lost. These keys are passwords that give developers access to the source code of the blockchain.

Zclassic Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The founder of the crypto currency is Rhett Creighton, who had previously worked on Bitcoin. Since the blockchain is open-source, the whole community is encouraged to contribute to the development and to contribute their own Bitcoin Profit with https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-profit/ and the code.

Zclassic started as a fork on 5 November 2016, only eight days after the Zcash came onto the market. In the beginning, the only difference between the crypto currencies was in mining, more precisely in the remuneration of the miners. Furthermore, unlike the Zcash, the range of new coins was not limited, the slower mining speed was eliminated for the ZCL Coin. The decision to carry out the Hard Fork was also prompted by Zcash’s closed investment round. Then there was all the hype about the start of the coin, which led to an insane rise in the price. Zcash initially costs 2 million euros, but in the following days the course crashed. Many felt excluded because of the private ICO. Zcla ssic should offer the community the same opportunities to buy the coin and benefit from it.

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You want to buy Dogecoin with PayPal

You want to buy Dogecoin with PayPal? PayPal does not allow the direct purchase of crypto currencies. But with a small detour you can buy the digital currency with PayPal. This guide shows you how to buy Dogecoin with PayPal.

Pic Coins

Register with VirWox
First you need an account with VirWox. Visit the website www.virwox.com* and click on “Register here for free >>”. VirWox is an online marketplace where different currencies can be exchanged.

Then you fill out the registration form and enter your data. You don’t have to fill in the field “Connection with Avatar (optional)”, you can ignore that. Once you have filled in all fields, you only have to accept the general terms and conditions and solve a captcha. Then click on the button “Register !”.

Deposit Money with PayPal

After you click Register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your VirWox account. This email also contains a temporary password for your account, which you should change later.

To buy Bitcoins with PayPal now, you must first click on the menu item “Deposit” (under “My Account:”).

You will then see the “PayPal Express Buy” option at the bottom of the page.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Express Purchase

First select the amount you want to deposit and then click on the PayPal Express Buy button. You will now be redirected to PayPal, where you will need to enter your details to deposit money into VirWox.

As soon as you have deposited money with VirWox via PayPal, you can buy the currency SLL. This is needed to purchase Bitcoins on VirWox. For this you use the menu item “EUR/SLL” on the left side to change Euro to SLL. In the field “Change EUR to SLL” you select the amount you want to change to Bitcoin later. Then click on “Next” and on “Place order”.

Bitcoins shopping
Now only the change from SLL to Bitcoin is missing. To do this, click on the left menu item “BTC/SLL”. Now you can enter in the field “Change SLL to BTC” the quantity you want to change to Bitcoin. Then click again on “Next” and on “Place order”.

Disburse Bitcoins
Finally, you should only pay out your Bitcoins to your own Bitcoin Wallet. To do so, click on the left menu item “Payout”. Afterwards, you can enter the desired amount in Bitcoin under “Withdraw to Bitcoin Account” and then your Bitcoin address. After you have carefully entered all the required information, you can click on “Request Withdrawal” to send your Bitcoins to your own wallet.

Note on VirWox: Several fees must be paid when paying with PayPal. 3.4 percent PayPal once and VirWox charges EUR>SLL and SLL>BTC twice thereafter.

To buy Dogecoin with the Bitcoins you just bought, use either the following Changelly widget or the website www.changelly.com*.

Changelly – Widget

Manual for changelly.com

First select Bitcoin (BTC) on the left and specify the amount you want to exchange for Dogecoin. Changelly shows you immediately how much Dogecoin you get. Then click on the “Replace!” button.

If you don’t have a Changelly account yet, you can create one now. Once you have created an account with Changelly, you can exchange Bitcoin for Dogecoin.

On the following page you can check your amounts and digital currencies again. Select Dogecoin and click on “Next”.

At the next window you have to enter your Dogecoin – address. The digital currency will be sent to this address, so make sure you enter your address carefully.

Before paying with Bitcoin you will be shown an overview with all relevant data at the end. Check if everything is correct and click on “Confirm and pay”.

You will then receive a bitcoin address from Changelly to which you must send bitcoins.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the Bitcoins will be exchanged and you will receive your desired currency.

The currency Dogecoin will be paid to the address given above.

Note: The minimum order value at Changelly is 10 €. Alternatively, a stock exchange such as HitBTC* can be used.

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